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Guy Turck Fly Tying & Umpqua Feather Merchants Join Forces

The biggest and the best fly tying company in the world, Umpqua Feather Merchants, and Guy Turck Fly Tying are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to bring you the best commercially available Turck Tarantulas anywhere. The formal paper work has been completed and it has been agreed that Umpqua will manufacture and distribute six varieties of Tarantulas in three sizes. Included are the original hare's mask (brown), the Golden Tarantula (a dirty yellow), red, green, orange and black. New for 2002 Umpqua will be offering Micro Tarantulas (size 14's) in brown, dirty yellow, red, orange and black.

While several other companies, including Orvis and Dan Bailey's, have attempted to produce Tarantulas (without my consent I might add), some of these reproductions were so bad I was afraid they would ruin the reputation of my fly. Such is not the case with Umpqua, which is absolutely the best in quality and consistency of all the large fly manufacturers. Furthermore, I continue to work with Umpqua's quality control department to assure they are producing the best Tarantulas possible.

What this means to you, the fly fisherman, is that you now have a reliable source of top quality Tarantulas, a pattern which has heretofore been in great demand, but rather short supply. If your favorite fly shop is still not carrying Tarantulas, be sure to ask, and make sure they get Tarantulas manufactured by Umpqua Feather Merchants as I can vouch for no others. Accept no imitations, ;).

In an effort to devote more of my time to fly design I no longer offer Tarantulas tied by myself from this web site. However, follow this link to purchase Turck Tarantulas online from the High Country Flies web site (tied, of course, by Umpqua Feather Merchants).

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported me and helped to make this deal possible. They include, but are certainly not limited to Howard Cole, Jim Jones,  Mike Lawson, Paul Bruun, Dave Hall, Jack Dennis and my wife Kristie.

UPDATE: In addition to the Turck Tarantula, Umpqua now carries the Turck Power Ant in two colors and sizes.

Guy Turck

Support your local fly tyer. Purchase Turck Tarantulas tied by Umpqua Feather Merchants. Thank You!

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