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The following excerpts are just a few of many that have been culled from magazines, books and newspapers.

"The Turck Tarantula, a fly pattern devised by Wyoming fishing guide Guy Turck, terrorized the field in last year's Jackson Hole One-Fly Fishing Tournament."
 - Field & Stream magazine, March 1996

"Jackson Hole has long been known as a place for innovative fly patterns. The list of unique imitations includes the Mallard Spider and Carmichael Indispensable, the Royal Humpy and Jack Dennis Kiwi Muddler, Buchner's Jay-Dave Hopper and Joe Allen's Double Humpy. Now [Guy Turck] has added another deadly trout pattern."
 - Jackson Hole News July 24, 1994

"Although every pattern which has cleaned house at the One-Fly commands respect, by virtue of eccentricity and inventiveness, Turck's Tarantula, the Double Bunny and Chernobyl Ant seem to be the most mind expanding."
 - Fly Tying magazine, Summer 1997

"While not closely mimicking one specific critter, the secret of this fly is that on the water it looks a lot like anything and a little like everything."
 - Fly Tying magazine, Summer 1997

"Turck explains: 'In big fast water I just drift the fly and let the movement of the water wiggle the legs. At the end of the drift, if nothing happens, I swing the fly in the current, pull it under and pump retrieve it back wet.' This dead drift/wiggle/wet-strip technique has become so routine on the Snake, the locals call it tarantula-izing."
 - Fly Tying magazine, Summer 1997
"This hot new pattern from the Rockies took first place in the 1990 [and 2000] Jackson Hole One-Fly Contest."
 - Flies for Trout by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen

"Guy is an accomplished guide, commercial fly tier and instructor who makes his home in Jackson Hole. When he is not on the river with a client, he is at his vise either experimenting with new patterns or tying his famous Turck Tarantula, probably the most in-demand fly in the Jackson area."
 - Tying Flies with Jack Dennis and Friends by Jack Dennis

"Recent patterns like Turck's Tarantula and the Stimulator are very successful multi-imitators."
 - Tying Dry Flies, Revised Edition by Randall Kaufmann

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