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MeDesigning trout flies has provided me with a wonderfully creative outlet and greatly enhanced appreciation for the art of fly fishing. I've been fortunate to have spent the last 17 years as a fishing guide, fly designer and tyer in the heart of trout country in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When not on the stream or at the tying bench I can usually be found designing web sites or dabbling in writing.

While I no longer tie commercially, I'm always working on ideas for new fly patterns. Commercial fly tying taught me the discipline necessary to tie well, but the rigors of mass production prevented me from spending much time in the design process. But no longer. Design is now my focus and this web site is the place to find my latest creations.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy the web site.

Guy Turck

P.S. I design web sites for a living these days. Visit my web design site at Javelina Design: Web design for Sedona AZ

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